Friday, May 14, 2010

Now that my back pain problem is resolved, at least for the time being, I see that there was an advantage to chronic pain, however slight. If I could, through courage and determination, do the barest minimum of daily activities, it was a victory. I got dressed and washed the dishes? Brava! Did the grocery shopping? Take the rest of the day off, Girl, you deserve it.

Today, I did the grocery shopping, washed the car, cleaned out most of what's left in the front room (a former guest bedroom/sewing room that has been used only for storage for most of the last several years), knit a few inches on Tom's sock, and I'm currently in the middle of doing two loads of dishes (dusty, musty things I rescued from storage) and three loads of laundry (likewise).

As (name comedian of your choice) used to say when he had flown in from the Coast, Boy, are my arms tired.


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