Monday, December 05, 2011

Aaaand another load of stuff was taken to the restaurant. I need to buy some wire shelves to put it all on.

I've almost finished the front of the mohair sweater.

A friend who moved to Arizona is in the midst of her third snowstorm of the year. Alas, she's allergic to wool, and I don't have any alpaca that's in a color she'd find acceptable. I have some synthetic yarn in her colors, but that's not actually warm. It's warmer than a bare neck and head, though, so maybe I'll dig it out.

I do have to start on some aprons for the restaurant, if I want to have aprons with personality, rather than plain ones from the restaurant supply store. The plain, mass-produced ones don't fit me, anyway. They tend to rotate, and cover only one breast. That's not the best look.


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