Friday, December 02, 2011

Today was beautifully sunny again, so we took the dogs to a nice beach we found a few weeks ago. They had a good time romping on the wet sand. They both wanted to eat driftwood, but we wouldn't let them. We all managed to ford a stream without getting our feet wet by walking up to where the stream flowed under a drift of cobblestones. I was prepared to carry Sarah up the stairs back to the car, to spare her elderly heart, but, when I put her down halfway up, so I could catch my breath, she sprinted to the top like a pup. That's my Sarah!

The dogs slept all afternoon, after we got home. Unfortunately, we had a flat tire on the way home, that was beyond repair. Tom ordered new tires, which will be in on Monday. In the meantime, we'll be using my car. We'll have to unload all the kitchenware we bought Tuesday, in order to do so. I think the restaurant is complete enough to allow that.

I'm making real progress on the new mohair sweater. I'm looking forward to wearing it. I may not have quite enough of the grey yarn to do the whole thing in one color. If not, the pink blend I was planning to use with it in the canceled poncho can be repurposed as a broad stripe across the bust.


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