Saturday, November 26, 2011

We took the last of the chairs to the restaurant today. Someone going into the spa next door told me they were cute, so I had to brag that I had reupholstered them myself. They are cute, for sure. Then, we walked a few doors down, and had lunch at Tokyo Teriyaki, which had sushi that wouldn't make a sushi house ashamed in LA. It was perfectly all right, which is better than I expected in a town with no visible Japanese community. From there, we popped down to the end of the block, where a vintage clothing store has popped up recently. While we talked up the restaurant to the clerk, someone else asked us for a job, any job. He didn't sound as desperate as the previous sentence makes him sound. We'll be taking applications in a few days, I'm sure. My point is that we'll have no problem finding people to fill the vacancies we'll have.

I finished the green socks I was making for Tom, and gave them to him. Then, I reworked the top of the green handspun hat I made myself a few weeks ago, to give it an extra half inch of length I dearly needed. It's not quite as cute now, as the wee point at the top has been replaced by a crocheted disk, but it now covers my ears. Since I only wear wool hats when it's cold out, covering the ears is a must. I was starting to weave in the ends in the green and white scarf I made to go with that hat (since it's striped, there are a lot of ends to weave in), but it got too close to bed time to continue.


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