Friday, November 25, 2011

We spent the morning today doing chores, cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner, and processing the leftovers-- picking the meat off the turkey, and simmering the bones and skin for stock.

We got bad news from the contractor yesterday, which pretty much ruined my mood for the Thanksgiving feast. The health inspector wants us to add a refrigerated sandwich line to the kitchen, which would cost thousands of additional dollars for which we have not budgeted, and eliminate half the useful counter space in the kitchen. I'm sure she's not actually requiring such a thing, but suggesting it out of ignorance of what a proper Jewish deli entails. She's probably thinking "sandwiches," like Subway sells, and wants us to have the same kind of counter they have. That could hardly be farther from the truth. Our sandwiches won't have anything to do with mayonnaise, or dozens of optional veggie garnishes. A proper deli sandwich is made of only a large portion of very good meat, between two slices of very good rye bread. Since we're not kosher, a slice of cheese will also be available, but that's still nothing that requires a specialized, refrigerated counter, at a cost of a few thousand dollars we don't have.

We went over the kitchen with a tape measure this morning, and found that there's no place we can add a fridge to the kitchen without removing something else. The most reasonable thing to remove would be a 4' counter, which we would replace with a 1'counter and a home-size refrigerator. An alternative would be to move the two convection ovens to the outer kitchen; they're not under the hood now, and don't need to be if they're only used for baking breads and such. We can do meats in the conventional ovens that are built into the ranges, which had been the plan from the start. It's a hassle, but it's manageable.

I did no knitting today. The morning was devoted to chores, the afternoon to the new Muppet movie (not as good as "Arthur Christmas"), and the evening to cooking. Tom's new socks aren't an urgent need. He has enough socks to last for years.


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