Saturday, December 03, 2011

Boy, did we work hard today!

After I did the usual laundry and dishes, we unloaded my car at the restaurant. Then we hit the grocery store, and made a quick detour to an art show on the way home. Once I got the groceries put away and dinner started, Tom asked me to help him assemble the desk he bought a couple of weeks ago. By the time we realized we were doing it all wrong, he had sprained his back, I had sprained my neck, and our chicken was terminally overcooked. Let the record show that this wasn't an ordinary desk, but the kind that wraps around two sides of an office, with towers and battlements and flying buttresses.

Dinner consumed (the brown rice was fine), we took the offending parts off the desk, switched them around, got it the way we wanted it, and then walked the dogs. I also insulated the outside faucets, since we're getting frost now, but that only takes a minute. Funny thing about the foam plastic cups that are the insulation: I left the one from the back porch on a plastic chair when I took it off last spring. We had a severe storm ten days ago, with 90 mph winds. The wind snapped or knocked over several trees in the forest behind our house, and broke a few large branches off one of the alder trees in the back yard. It didn't carry the styrofoam cup off the porch, though. It was right where I left it.

Knitwise, the grey mohair sweater is now 12 inches long. Unless we spend most of the day out tomorrow, I'm likely to get to the point of splitting it for front and back.


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