Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tom told me that he'd like a pirate poster in Hebrew for the restaurant, so I looked for those online today. I couldn't find any such thing, or any other Hebrew posters that would be good for the restaurant, but, wow, I did find some other stuff. An original "Star Wars" poster, in Hebrew? Three grand. Not in Hebrew, but in English, an original "Yellow Submarine" poster? Twelve grand. I'm glad I was looking for posters from obscure pirate films. Those, I can afford.

It was the first hot day of the summer, well over 90 in Portland. That's why we didn't move to Portland. It was in the high 70s here in Astoria. We went to Cannon Beach to check out the new Chocolate Cafe. It was 88 in Cannon Beach, but the magnificence that was the chocolate shake at the Chocolate Cafe made up for any brief discomfort. It was not only the best milk shake I've ever tasted, but possibly the most delicious substance of any kind.

Didn't knit very much today. The sweater is almost long enough now to divide at the armholes.

Since I've been jogging and using the ski machine, I've lost 5 pounds and my blood sugar is down 20 points. My feet aren't swelling any more, so I may cancel the appointment I made with my doc.


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