Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yesterday was all about the Regatta, with reservations.

The Regatta, which started as a race among fishermen, has become a big festival that draws people from all over the Pacific Northwest. We went to a small street fair, an antique car show, a small private museum, and a fireworks exhibition. This represented barely a third of the entertainment options for that one day.

I couldn't do more, because, ironically, I had recently added a short run to my evening walk with the dogs. I had had a brief run the night before, and again the morning of the Regatta. The calf muscle in my left leg, which has been babied for months due to the knee injury, cramped up, and remained cramped for the rest of the weekend. I spent yesterday flamboyantly limping from one entertainment venue to another. Today, I took half a Vicodin, but stayed home anyway.

I expect to be back on my feet tomorrow. Being laid up has given my lots of time for knitting, if nothing else. I'm about six inches in to the navy blue cotton/alpaca sweater that is destined to be Tom's main Christmas gift. As always, I hope I have enough yarn. Fourteen skeins sounds like plenty, except that I'm only getting two inches of length per skein of yarn, and there are sleeves to contend with. Oh, well. Maybe he'll be getting another vest.


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