Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sooooo... Tiiiired...

Houseguest has gone. Tom's surgery went well; we expect a full recovery in a couple of weeks. Other than taking Tom to and from the hospital, and getting his meds, and doing the grocery shopping, I didn't do any chores today, which means that I'm going to be running out of clean clothes and dishes soon. I haven't done any reupholstering since before the houseguest arrived, as that's an absorbing job. It also makes my hand sore, and my hand is sore enough without help.

While Sharon was here, I tried to keep her amused by, among other things, taking her to yarn stores. She's a lifelong knitter, and a fairly passionate one. While she was looking at sensible yarn, I bought a couple of skeins of a silly novelty yarn, the kind that you knit into one edge only, and end up with something that resembles lavishly ruffled lace. I knit a long scarf for her, in a shade of bright green that she favors, and a collar and cuff set for myself in off white. The collar and cuffs are begging to be added to a red sweater; they look very Mrs. Claus.

Today, after getting Tom settled at home, I started what I hope will become a shawl. It's made from very expensive yarn, a two-strand combo called "Fiesta," in the Coyote colorway. It's a strand of rayon boucle twinned with a strand of mohair. I bought it years ago, and saved it until I became a "better knitter." For years, I felt unworthy of knitting the nice yarn I bought. Now that I can't comfortably afford nice yarn, I still have plenty to knit with. The ironic thing is that, since the yarn is fancy, it requires a plain stitch. I'm doing a triangle shawl in garter stitch, and not even one that puts the increases in the middle of the rows, but at the beginning of each row, so the stripes are straight across. I didn't need to wait; I had the requisite skills for this kind of shawl the year I started knitting. Of course, if I had made it then, I would have donated it to Friends of the Elephant Seal, since I had little need for warm wraps while still living in LA.

Off to bed, now. I may reconsider turning into a night person.


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