Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After spending two hours with the Oregonian's classified section, without finding a suitable exercise machine, I decided to hit the thrift shops. The second one yielded a ski machine, and several original paintings perfect for the restaurant. I got the whole lot, ski machine included, for $60.

The paintings, of course, are "naive," to put it kindly. One is a large canvas of an angel playing a guitar; three are small landscapes. All are in bright colors, appropriate to the Caribbean theme of the restaurant. Most amazing was a yarn painting of a Taino (the group native to the Caribbean) sun figure. That was the *last* thing I expected to find in far-northern Oregon. Someone must have had a vacation.

My charlie horse is mostly gone, so I went for a very short run this morning, supplemented with a couple of short sessions on the ski machine. After having been laid up as the result of my own foolishness all weekend, I'm not about to overdo it now.


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