Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're back in the Oregon of legend today, with grey skies and showers. I like it.

I'm having fun with a new project. I have been holding some thick-and-thin, 100% wool in bright blues and greens for years. I had not quite enough for a sweater, but way too much for a scarf/hat combo. I started to use it for a vest for Tom, since our anniversary is coming up, if only because, being bulky, it will knit up quickly. Besides, in my stash, yarn with no pink or red (anathema to Tom) is a rarity.

Today, while working on the front yoke, I decided to look through the stash for a coordinating yarn, in order to provide enough yarn to magically make sleeves. I came up with some bulky Lamb's Pride in a bright blue that coordinates perfectly with what I was already knitting. I believe, by adding a broad stripe all the way around the chest, and a corresponding stripe on the sleeves, I'll have enough to make an actual sweater, and not just a vest.


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