Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I did, finally, get a hold of the contractor and the engineer. The contractor has an architect he wants to set me up with, so we can get this thing going. Tom had called the lawyer about a tax ID #; we heard back today. While most of my day was spent either knitting or cooking, I feel like I accomplished something.

I tend toward project monogamy, unless I dislike the primary project I'm working on. If it's too hard, or too easy/boring, or if I don't like the color, or the texture, I'm glad for the distraction. In the case of the current project, I love everything about it: the stitch, the colors, the yarn. Still, I offered Tom hand knit leg warmers for his arthritic knees. If I wait until the Peekaboo Peony sweater is finished, it'll be spring before I get around to the leg warmers.


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