Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I told Tom I was going to take today off. I lied.

I decided the shrub by the front door was about 9" too tall and wide. Cutting it to size removed just about every green leaf on it's top and front. At least the side facing the sidewalk to the front door still has some leaves. I really gave it the Morticia Addams treatment.

There was still room in the barrel, so I then deadheaded the roses in the front yard. They needed it badly; we've had some hot weather over the couple of weeks since I last deadheaded.

And I dug up the "trees of paradise" that had not only popped up while I was out of town, but had grown to four feet tall. Guys, I was only gone ten days! "Tree of paradise" is a vile, ill-smelling weed. It infests both homes I own in SoCal; I hate it with a round passion. It is incomprehensible to me that it was originally brought to California by people who loved it, and didn't want to live without it.

While I was deadheading roses, I pulled on a dead branch, meaning to break it off. Half the bush came up; the root was rotten. Why can't that happen to "tree of paradise," instead of roses? Yeah, yeah: that's the difference between a weed and a garden plant. Weeds are hard to kill.

Speaking of hard to kill, I'm getting a little tired of tearing moonflower off my roses and assorted shrubs and trees in one corner of my yard. If you're ever tempted to plant it, don't. It's a thug.

Not So Humble Pie,, mentioned "Scotch Tablet" in today's blog. I had never heard of it, so I looked it up. Once I learned what it is, I had to make it. It's a kind of grainy fudge, judging from my results, made of only sugar, butter, and condensed milk. What's not to like? I beat it by hand, like the directions said to. Added to the pruning/weeding this morning, I've had quite the upper-body workout today.


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