Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I don't eat many sweets, except when I'm dieting. Yesterday, I was so hungry that I couldn't wait for the candy I was eating to dissolve in my mouth, so I chewed it. It pulled out a crown. I had to wait until this afternoon to have it cemented back in. I like my dentist, but I could have done without the emergency visit.

Taking out dead shrubs with a pruning saw is hard work. These aren't just any shrubs-- they're 12 feet tall, with bases a foot across. They're shrubs rather than trees only because the branching goes all the way to the base. It was hot enough today that I'd cut down one branch, and carry it into the shade to cut it into lengths that would fit into the green bins.

I'm halfway through the top I'm currently knitting. I haven't touched the sock since I put it down to make the top. I feel guilty about abandoning the sock, even though I need summer tops a lot more than I need more handknit socks.


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