Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometime in the past several months, I seem to have turned into a girl.

Sure, I've always been female, even aggressively so. My careers, after all, were as a cook and a nurse, and my hobbies have been gardening, knitting, needlepoint, and more cooking, but I've never gotten shoe shopping.

There have been stretches of my life, whole years at a time, when I've only owned one pair of shoes, and didn't feel a need for more. When I've been in a line of work that dictated a certain form of footwear, say pumps in the office, or white flats with a nursing uniform, I've had one pair for work, and one pair for my days off. No big deal: shoes were just something I wore to keep from getting cut, if I happened to step on a piece of broken glass.

All that changed in January. I indulged in, not my first pair of expensive shoes, as I had Birkenstocks in college, but my first pair of fashionable, good-looking expensive shoes. From the first time I slipped them on, they felt better than going barefoot. They made me feel taller, prettier, more prosperous. I bought a pair of sandals in the same price range, to cover my feet correctly with summer clothes, and then another. A few months later, I bought some pretty ballet flats I found in a catalog, and now I have my eyes on some sandals in different colors, and some clear plastic ones to show off handknit socks.

You may still find me, at any given time, wearing jeans and t-shirts, but I'll be wearing very nice shoes with them.

Last night, after Tom got home from work, we went to Disneyland to see the fireworks. The fireworks didn't disappoint, but the whole Disneyland experience was something shocking. Even though we arrived after 8 pm on a weeknight, there was a line to get into the parking lot comparable to a Sunday morning. We had to wait for a tram, which I hadn't expected. Once we got inside the park, hoards of cast members herded the guests into one-way sidewalks, waving us along with flashlights, like traffic cops at a broken stop light. Leisurely strolling while people-watching was an impossibility. We got good spots for watching the fireworks, but it proved impossible to get to any rides in the dense crowd. It took us another hour to leave the park, between fighting the crowd and waiting for a return tram.

We plan to go back next week, to see the new show at DCA. Other than that, I may wait until school is back in session, before I go back to Disneyland.

In knitting news, I've turned the heel on the second sock, and am now racing up the leg.


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