Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strawberries are officially in season. While they are available year-round here in California, since they get their sugar from the sun, they're best during the long days of summer. The batch I bought at the farmers' market today is the best I've had this year-- way better even than those I got last week.

Cherries, plums, and apricots are also available in abundance. I don't buy plums, as I'm devoted to only the Satsuma variety, which is not grown commercially any more. I've tried to grow the tree a couple of times, but it only lives a few years, here. The one at my parents' house (childhood memory being the reason for my great love for this variety) lived for decades, but didn't produce fruit after the neighbor who grew the pollinizer removed his tree. We never learned who that neighbor was, or what the tree was, but Satsuma isn't self-fruitful, so it must have been out there.

I did buy a cherry pitter in Santa Barbara the other day, so I can toss cherries into my yogurt, and not have any pits to slow me down. The season is short, so I tend to eat as many cherries as I can hold, during the few weeks that I can get them.

Now, all I'm waiting for is peaches. Funny how much easier it is to get one's allotment of fresh fruits and veggies during the summer.

When did this become a food blog, instead of a knitting blog? My hand has been sore, lately, and it's hard to manipulate size 0 needles with a sore hand. Maybe I'll pull some bulky out of stash, and knit something fast. Wait-- didn't I promise myself that about a month ago?

I did a major Spring Cleaning a few weeks ago. How come I see so little improvement in the parts of the house I use every day? I'm looking at you, computer desk. I did find my gardening goggles, which my eye doctor wants me to use while tending roses. I am fully healed, but jamming my eye into a rosebush was the least pleasant part of Thursday's activities.


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