Friday, June 25, 2010

I tried to finish the sock in one go, but I failed. A couple of days ago, I looked through my stash to find the yarn for the next project. I saw a couple of possibilities, but nothing compelling. Yesterday, I remembered a couple of bins of yarn I hadn't checked the day before. Voila! There sat the perfect yarn for a summer top, a cotton/rayon blend in white and various shades that, combined, read "green." I brought the bag of yarn downstairs. I might have knit a couple more rows on the sock, but I had cast on for a tank top before the news was over.

The funny thing is that I wasn't crazy about this yarn when I bought it. I bought it only because it was $1/ball at an estate sale. I hope I have enough to make a top of appropriate length; short tops are the bane of my existence. It's not very elegant to tug at one's top, trying to keep one's tummy covered.

I went to the Persian market this morning, with the purpose of buying some pomegranate concentrate for ice cream. The pomegranate concentrate was less than $3; I spent over $40. Everything just looks so darn tasty, there! I call it "the Persian market," but it calls itself "international," and rightly so. While there are enough Persian specialties on offer to justify my identification of it as Persian, they sell anything for which there might be a demand. Besides Persian specialties, they carry Spanish delicacies, as well as Armenian, Bulgarian, Russian, Indian, Greek, and even Mexican. Among other things, I snapped up a bag of jamaica, the red hibiscus blossoms used for tea, which I haven't been able to find, lately. I was disappointed that they didn't have any taramo, the salted cod roe used in Greek cuisine. That's tasty stuff, and not easy to find. This market has had it in the past; maybe they'll have it in the future, as well.

Back to the pomegranate ice cream: My intention was to make Humble Pie's recipe. As usual, I changed it. I couldn't use liqueur, after all, given Tom's metabolic intolerance to alcohol. I also added eggs, since I like eggs in my ice cream. Ta da! While Humble's gelato came out a lovely shade of pink, mine looks like chocolate more than fruit. The pomegranate concentrate has a duller color than the liqueur, and the yellow of the eggs combined with the purplish color of the juice to make a lovely soft brown that really doesn't say "pomegranate." The liquid is chilling, now. I'll freeze it later. I expect it to taste good, even though the look was unexpected.


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