Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wove in the ends today, and wore the sweater on our walk tonight. I feel safer, walking the dogs on our dark but busy street, in a light-colored sweater. Walking two black dogs, while wearing all dark colors, didn't strike me as promoting visibility.

Once I got the ends woven in, I started a matching hat, since I had plenty of yarn. Most of the sweaters I've made in the last year had yarn left over; I should make hats for all of them.

Tom and I took a drive down to Cannon Beach today. We bought hot chocolate at the Chocolate Cafe, and a few yummies at Bruce's Candy Kitchen, which may not have been the best idea, since my blood sugar is no longer within normal limits. Not to worry unnecessarily: I'm seeing the doctor frequently for dose adjustments, until we get things under control, and I haven't eaten the candy. Not yet, anyway.

Oh-- also bought a couple of skeins of yarn for a Christmas present for a wool-allergic friend. It's a llama/silk blend, in a nice, mossy green. I hope she can wear it. The climate in her corner of Arizona is colder than she had figured on, when she relocated from California. While we are still awaiting the first snowfall of the season, here on the Oregon coast, Oracle, AZ, has already been snowed on three times. I'm going to make my friend a hat.


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