Saturday, November 05, 2011

Watched much TV and many movies today; I'm done in with spectator sports. On the bright side, all that sitting enabled me to finish the mohair hat. I intended to make it a bit bigger-- it's sort of a tam-- but I'm tired of it. Pattern stitches in mohair are just plain hard.

I did much creative cooking today. At lunchtime, I made a Brazilian corn cake I found online. The result was similar to Marie Calender's famous corn bread, and way too delicious not to have a second piece. For dinner, I made a casserole with shredded potatoes, sweet corn, sharp cheddar cheese, and a seasoned custard mixture with a good shot of cream. As with the corn cake, it was too delicious not to have seconds. I spent some time on the ski machine as penance, but I'm still going to avoid the scale for a couple of days.

The restaurant had better open soon. I need other people to feed my cooking to.


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