Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello, after a bit of a break. I got back from my trip a couple of days ago, but Tom had installed a new program on my computer in my absence. Computers being what they are, this caused it to not remember me when I got back. I had to jump through all the hoops to reset my password and get onto the blog before I could access it. That, I didn't have the energy to do until this morning.

In the travel department, Oregon is not known for autumn color, its forests being primarily coniferous. Since I'm from LA, though, the scattered maples (both vine and big leaf) and oaks look quite splendid. The cities, where people choose the trees they plant according to their autumn colors, are downright magnificent. Oh, yes. I said it. The cities in Oregon look splendid in autumn.

The drive was tough. It is, after all, 1,100 miles each way, by the shortest possible route. I took said shortest route south, but followed it with a 200 mile trip to Riverside to visit my ex and reclaim some paintings I did in the '80s. Throw in less than two days for chores, visiting, and packing the car. End with a drive back by the LESS than optimal route, and get home on a total of five days. It was a pretty tough trip.

In the knitting department, the second sleeve of the mohair sweater turned out an inch wider than the first. I tried it on, and, in the mirror, the difference was invisible. Nevertheless, I couldn't stand it. I ripped it out. At present, I'm only a few inches from completion. I may change the collar, though. When I tried it on in front of the mirror, I saw that the turtleneck was not kind to my double chin. Changing the collar on the sweater would be much easier than losing twenty years and eighty pounds.


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