Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sarah's feeling much perkier on her new cardiac medication. She dragged me all over this end of town this morning-- okay, it was only around the next block, but that's longer than she has wanted to walk in months.

Since it was summer again today, Tom and I went to the beach. We went to the aquarium in Seaside, did a little window shopping, then on to Pizza a Fetta in Cannon Beach. I hit the yarn store while we were there. I almost got out unscathed, but on the last rack, two skeins of sock yarn in a variegated pale green asked to come home with me. In theory, I bought them to make a Christmas present for a friend who is a natural strawberry blonde (pale green looks great on strawberry blondes), but we'll see whether I actually knit it up, and then whether I actually send it.

Autumn returns tomorrow.


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