Monday, October 31, 2011

Finished the hat, and am four feet into a scarf in a different yarn, but the same stitch. I don't know what the stitch is called, but it's a faux cable with a yo in the middle of each cable.

Roasted the first turkey of the season today, after spending the whole morning pulling weeds. That's some hard work-- the weeding, not the turkey-roasting. Roasting a turkey is about as easy as cooking gets.

Enjoyed the trick-or-treaters tonight. We never had many at our last home. Here, in the small town, it's a lot more kid-oriented and friendly. What I especially love about Astoria is that even the teens are outgoing and polite. They gave us a lot of compliments on out doorknocker, a bronze dragon by a favorite sculptor of Tom's.


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