Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I knew I couldn't go through another day of no knitting, and I knew what my next project would be: something to use the hand-spun, hand-dyed bulky mohair in soft pinkish grey I picked up at Village Spin and Weave in Solvang, possibly supplemented with some Colinette mohair in a purplish pink whose name I no longer remember.

The grey mohair was in a single, sweater-sized hank, which wound into a ball the size of a volleyball. Of course, after it was softball-sized, or so, I realized that I hadn't needed to wind it at all. The halo had matted together enough that there was no way it would tangle; I could have knit it straight from the skein without worry.

Then, there was the matter of choosing a project. I have enough pullovers, by any standard. I don't wear cardigans often, but the one I made earlier this year is a similar color. I have a mohair coat in pinks and browns, and a woolen jacket in many colors, with an emphasis on brownish red. I don't even need a blanket; I knit a mohair blanket last Knitting Olympics.

Undecided what to do with the mohair volleyball, I pulled out a skein of exquisite yarn I bought several weeks ago at the local fiber arts cooperative. It's sock weight, hand-spun of natural dark brown merino and hand-dyed silk in (of course!) pink and lavender. I'm almost done, now, with a tiny scarf, a neckpiece more in the realm of jewelry, actually. I cast on by the Magic method, and knit around the perimeter, increasing by four stitches in each round to keep it flat. I started with stockinette, then threw in some eyelets, and finally a border of seed stitch to give it a possibility of staying flat in use. All I have to do is cast off, and it'll be done.


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