Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tom and I saw "Cars 2" today. I was disappointed only because Pixar usually outdoes itself. This was one of the rare Pixar movies that isn't better than every other Pixar movie that has come before it. It's still good, though.

I've reached the patterned part of the torso of the alpaca colorwork sweater I'm making for myself. On the torso, since it's fine-gauge yarn and I'm a big girl, I can only knit about an inch per day, so I still have another week or two until the sweater is finished. In early July, it's unlikely I'll have a compelling need for a new sweater soon. I'd like to finish before my next trip to LA mostly so I can show it off. I certainly wouldn't need it in LA; the heat there was my #1 reason for moving away.


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