Monday, June 27, 2011

I forgot to mention that Anne was shocked to meet the sweater (just the yoke at that point) that she had read about on this blog. She had pictured "pink" as "pink," the gentle color used to designate which babies are of the feminine persuasion. No, the hand-dyed alpaca I'm using in the current project is a deep and lust-driven cherry. For the first alternate color I chose a medium grey. I wasn't completely sure I'd have enough yarn (I like my sweaters loose and long), so I also added an off-black as a third color for the lower parts of the sweater.

Currently, I've done the collar, yoke, a few inches of the torso, and most of one sleeve. I thought I'd do the sleeves before finishing the body. That way, I could knit and knit, and let the body of the sweater be as long as it wants to be, without having to worry about saving enough yarn for the sleeves.


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