Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's been an action-packed couple of weeks since I last posted.

Tom and I went to LA together. There, we went to a first-rate Western Swing concert, where I met June Foray (voice of Rocket J. Squirrel, among many others) for the first time, and Tom renewed his acquaintance with her. Anne went with us to the annual chocolate party at Sandy's house, where I won the competition with Le Tarte du Roi, my Elvis tribute. I spread a shortbread shell with peanut butter, added a layer of bananas, filled it with chocolate pudding, and then garnished it with candied bacon and whipped cream stabilized with cream cheese. On tasting, I found the peanut butter a bit jarring, but I heard no complaints from the other guests. Of the other entries, I most feared competition from some delicious fajitas made by a late arrival. She only scored about fourth, though. Maybe, since she arrived after most of the guest/judges had already eaten, she suffered from their lack of hunger. I make an effort to arrive on time for this party, so people taste my entry while they're still hungry.

The drive home was spectacular. I saw pronghorns and cranes, which I had never seen before, and lots of eagles and magpies, which I have seen on many occasions, but still get a kick from.

During our brief time at home, we met with the health inspector, who gave us more direction about the remodel.

Friday, we went to Seattle to see Tim Minchin in concert. The show was a blast. Tom and I may have been the oldest people in the audience; apparently, he has mostly a college-age demo. Good for him. Our motel happened to be across the street from a restaurant supply house, so we spent a couple of hours shopping. We bought our slicer, flatware, and glasses for the restaurant, so the trip became a deductible business expense. Yipee! Nice store, too. Much more user-friendly layout than the big warehouses in Portland. They didn't have colored dishes, so I'll still have to get them online. With the supplies in the trunk, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo, where we saw the exhibits for which we lacked the endurance, last time. I can't say our endurance has gotten any better, but we saw half the zoo a few weeks ago, and the other half today. It's a very nice zoo, one of the better ones I've been to.

Nikki did much better in doggy camp, this time. She came out to greet us, and allowed the other dogs to play with her. Last time we left her, she stayed under a table the whole time we were gone. She's making progress.


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