Thursday, August 05, 2010

I've been working in the back of my back yard. Since I tend to work from the front of my property toward the back, and I've been mostly laid up with a bad back for the last couple of years, there's a lot of work to be done there. If I hired a half dozen workmen with chain saws and a dumpster, they might be able to get it done in a day, but I'm by myself, with hand tools and 3 green bins.

I'm hot and exhausted after filling only one green bin, even though the weather's not that bad. We're talking neglected climbing roses and citrus trees, with weed trees (Texas privet and tree of paradise) among them, and passion vine intertwined with it all. I'd like to pace myself, but I'm leaving for Oregon in the am, and not coming back for weeks (note to burglars: Tom will be home). I think of the growth that the weeds could put on during those weeks, and I want to finish today.

Last time we were in Oregon, we bought several bookcases, which I intend to assemble this time. I also bought a bunch of antlers. I downloaded instructions on how to turn them into a chandelier; it doesn't look hard, not for a committed crafter such as I. I also have to repaint the patio, which I painted last year. Apparently, in this climate, painting patios is an annual affair.

Since I have to be back for my birthday, I'm going to be a busy baby. I hope I have some time to knit. Note to self: remember to pack knitting.


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