Monday, August 02, 2010

I got a "Thank you" note from the President! Okay, it was a form note, but it was hand-signed. Okay, the signature might have been an autopen, but that's just as good, right?

He looked cold, when he was walking toward his inauguration, so I knit him a hat. It was a nice stocking cap, in natural black, American-raised alpaca. Just yesterday, I commented that, as I hadn't gotten a note, I assumed it went straight to a local charity there in DC, without the President ever having seen it, and today I get the note!

I didn't have quite enough pink yarn to do the slippers in, so I gave them blue cuffs. Rather than knit them enormous and felt them, I only knit them big, and fulled them a little. I like wooly slippers.

After finishing the slippers, I started on a pair of alpaca socks. The colorway is probably "Marine," but, as the label is damaged, it could just as easily be "Marina." It's a lovely blue-green mixture, with dabs of brown and purple. I'm looking forward to seeing how the pattern evolves.


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