Saturday, December 17, 2011

I spent much of the day in backbreaking work at the restaurant. I assembled several heavy-duty shelf units. They fit together like Tinker Toys, so I found it easy and fun, but it was several hours of standing on my feet, bending over and lifting things. I saved the last one for tomorrow, as my back was giving me clear warnings that it had done all it was going to do that day. When I was done-- or my back was-- with the assembly, I hanged a few pictures. Once home, I painted faux frames on some more paintings, ones I couldn't afford to buy frames for. I'll get them ready to hang tomorrow.

I want the place to look noticeably more like a restaurant than a building site by tomorrow. I made the mistake of telling my contractor that I was going to work all weekend, and he'd see a big change by Monday.

Even so, I did do a little knitting, on the sparkly pink sock.


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