Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It just came to my attention that one of the other Marina Sterns has written a cookbook. I wish her the best of luck with it, but I hope our fans don't confuse us. My cookbook is "The Fairy Party Book." Hers is about vegetables.

When I conquer the demons of Writers' Block, my next intended cookbook will be "The Lost Art of Home Cooking."

Reading some *serious Literature* today. I've been working on this book for weeks. Maybe it'd make more sense if I sat down and finished it in one or two sittings, instead of putting it down for several days at a time, and then trying to catch the thread.

Let's see... it started being about some leftover hippie. Then, the action went to a Mafia wedding, then to a commercial cult retreat, then to the training of a Ninja assassin in Japan... The syntax is as bizarre as the plot. A few times, I've stopped short, to rearrange sentences. If this adverb were placed here, instead of here, the sentence would make sense...

This is "literary fiction"? No wonder people read SF! I've never had so much trouble keeping the aliens straight, in SF.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Reading Frank McCourt's latest, Teacher Man.

That man can tell a story.

Living in LA, I know writers. One of my writer-acquaintances has been 40 years in the field, world famous, shelf full of awards; his best novel isn't half as engrossing as McCourt's memoirs. Thank heaven this writer-acquaintance hasn't seen fit to publish his memoirs.

Back to the sofa, to finish the read.