Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've finished the funnel neck on my new project, a pink wool cabled sweater, and an inch or two down the shoulders. There'll be one cable down each sleeve, and down the front and back as well, but that cable will have ten strands and be about 8 inches wide. Why do things by halves?

I saw the pain doc this morning. As my back was so bad, and I am leaving town without knowing when I'll be able to find another pain doc, he gave me twice the usual number of injections into my spine (12 instead of 6? I lost count.). I was in a lot of pain for several hours, but it was no worse than the back pain I've had for the underlying condition. I'm feeling much better now; thanks for asking.

There's so much to do! Our annual Generic Mid-Winter Holiday Party looms in three days. Because of back pain, I haven't started to get ready for it. Since there's a lot of cleaning to be done, and food to be bought, I'll be busy, but Tom also wants to find time to go to D-land again before the schools close for Christmas vacation. I also have to pack the car for our trip Sunday: as many boxes of books and housewares I can fit into my car. In addition, we're planning to take an old friend out for his birthday before we leave. For someone who doesn't have a job, I'm awfully busy.


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