Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tom just figured out today that his unemployment benefits are almost exhausted. Since his main reason for staying in California after I relocate to Oregon was to avoid losing his unemployment benefits, he'll likely be moving up the same time I do, or shortly after. He does have some family obligations to keep him in California until late January. We've already looked into having someone rent the LA house at a reduced rate in exchange for watering the yard.

I talked to the engineer about ventilation for the storefront we were looking to convert into a restaurant. His professional opinion? It'll be easy-peasy. Okay, he didn't phrase it exactly that way, more like, "No problem."

Tom and I both woke up very, very early this morning. The upside of that was that I had done a day's worth of chores by 9 am. The downside is that I've had hours and hours to fill since then. What I really want to do is pack the car and take a load to Astoria, but I have things I have to do here in California every few days until almost Christmas. If I were to pack now, the car would be full, and thereby useless for routine errands. The bread slicer is already taking up most of the cargo space in Tom's car, so mine is doing double duty.


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